Ecommerce Fullfillment Delivery

End to End solutions. From pick up to delivery. Transparent Fixed Pricing to meet your requirements.

On Demand Urban Last Mile Fulfillment Delivery

uParcel is the solution to your deliveries, whether it is one or multiple parcels. We do door to door deliveries to satisfy your customers and you can save time without having to queue at post offices. There will be SMS notifications to alert you on the arriving parcels and you can contact the delivery agent directly. Your customers can save the trouble of going to a post office to collect any missed deliveries. We also provide multiple deliveries option to reduce time consumption. We have a fleet of in-house delivery vehicles (bikes, vans and trucks) to ensure reliable and regular pick ups.  

In Asia, e-commerce is growing rapidly and it does not just come from the business sector. The increasing consumer to consumer (C2C) online sales platform and social media sales also lead to this growth. There are many more platforms for consumers to come across new and interesting products but the current logistics to dispatch them are not able to keep up. They are still depending on one-on-one meet ups or using local postal office to send the items. Courier rates are high and this has slowed down the progress of e-commerce. Improvements have to be made to urban logistics so that last mile fulfillment in cities can become more efficient.  

With the intention of making e-commerce deliveries more effective and available to small and medium enterprises (SME), Uparcel was birthed to match latent supply capacity to delivery demand. We focus on the metropolitan areas as city dwellers have the ability to make purchases online and this translates to high demand for last mile deliveries. A crowded city will have both high demand for last mile fulfillment needs and the substantial supply capacity of unused delivery vehicles. With the use of crowd sourcing deliveries, the rate of courier will be reduced and this facilitates online businesses.

UParcel delivery rates are reasonably priced and does not depend on distance covered when delivering the parcel. There is certainly in your last mile fulfillment cost, regardless of where you are delivering to.

Our Delivery Solutions Designed for Ecommerce

  • Transparent Fixed Pricing. Be 100% sure of the rates to offer on your e-commerce sale site without asking for quotes every time.
  • Fast and easy mobile app or web-form delivery request
  • Monthly on credit corporate billing
  • No need for paperwork. Delivery records are captured on your app and web login 
  • Request for deliveries in batch and track them all at one go
  • Easy to use web form for bulk upload of deliveries
  • SMS Notification to the receiver prior to delivery
  • Free RM 100 insurance coverage for each delivery
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Related Frequently Asked Questions

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Long-distance surcharge applies to the distance between pickup and delivery locations that exceed 30km. The maximum distance allowed is 45km.
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There will be an option for you to select whether you would like to add agent in 'My Fleet' list after you make a review for the agent. You are able to see the list of your 'My Fleet' agents by clicking on the 'Favourite Agents' tab.
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You can ship anything*. From a surprise to your loved ones to returning that bad online purchase. *Please refer to our prohibited list of items in the terms and conditions. Dangerous items such as explosives, guns, drugs etc cannot be delivered, you shouldn't be holding on to them too!
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Senders have to pack their items into a single package appropriately to prevent damage and all parcels have to be sealed up completely. Our delivery agents will pick up the item as it is. If it is fragile such as cannot be dropped or thrown, please label fragile and bubblewrap your item properly. Please label the address and any special instructions such as "Do Not Bend" & "Fragile".
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2 Way Round Trip is for customers who wish to have their parcels picked up from Point A and then delivering to Point B. After that to Pickup again from Point B and then delivering back to Point A.
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